Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mobile repairing course online

Start your own business with mobile repairing repairing .It is a home study method and its a self study with my easy notes for each and every confusion to start repairing mobile with hardware and software problem.With this chip course you also saved both time and money.You will be trained with my  theory (easy notes),pictures,vedios that enough to understand and start from now without any knowledge of mobile repairing.Our course also provide computerised training .course fee is rs 2500.
If interested email at call at +919615045501
Our course contents-
1)introduction of mobile phone,how mobile phone work
2)indentification of small and big parts like speaker,diode,resistant and all necessary for start repairing
3)how to check damage parts and track using multimeter
4)soldering and desoldering technique
5)technique for assembly and disassembly of different mobile phones
6)name and function of different ics
7)dead phone repairing technique
8)And lots more finding and solve every problem ,

Software problem
2)use secret code
3)flashing different mobile phones